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Things Will Be Different This Time…Right?

It was euphoric to realize we might be closer to the Island than we thought. But I didn’t miss Caleb’s hesitance in joining my celebration. Slightly deflated, I mumbled, “What’s […]


It's time to announce the Phantom Island Pep Rally Winners! Thank you to all who entered and showed their support during the last two weeks! I was particularly blessed to […]

YIKES! COMMENT FAIL. Enter HERE for Pep Rally tonight!

Sorry, yall... Blogger is having a brain fart or something and keeps reverting my comments option on my extra pages to NOT ALLOW. What the heck?! Until I can figure […]

Pep Rally Party Place #8 – The Book Swarm

Well, our Phantom Island Pep Rally ends today - and it has been a blast! I'm really excited to close the tour with Mary Brebner at The Book Swarm! Mary is a fellow 8th […]

Last Chance – Pep Rally Checklist

Tomorrow is the last official day of the Phantom Island Pep Rally! That means you will want to start tallying up those Spirit Points! Here's your checklist...Have you...1. entered your […]

Pep Rally Party Place #7 – Kristie Cook

Only two more stops left on our Phantom Island Pep Rally blog tour! Today I am over at Kristie Cook's blog with one of my precious teenagers, Angie. Angie is […]

Pep Rally Party Place #6 – Tina Moss

YAYY! Today marks the 6th stop on the blog tour celebrating the pre-releases of the new Phantom Island books - at Tina Moss's blog! If you enjoyed Friday's post by […]

Being An Adult in Teenage Land

CONFESSION: I hang out with teenagers more than adults. It just kind of comes with the territory of being a teacher and married to a youth pastor and, oh, writing […]

Pep Rally Party Place #5 – Tee Tate

Welcome to our fun Friday party stop today - you will not want to miss the post over at editor Tee Tate's blog as she hosts teenage "cutie-pie," Patrick! Patrick is an […]

Pep Rally Party Place #4 – Heather McCorkle

Today's Pep Rally feature is being held at Heather McCorkle's blog - Heather's Odyssey! I am so excited to spend time on Heather's blog because she is seriously one of […]

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