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Write Stuff Wednesday: Hanging With YA Author Anne Riley

Shadows Cover

Many of you haven't heard yet, but I got to blurb my first book for another author! I'm excited to introduce you to a new, up and coming author with […]

Saturday Suggestion Box – Fictional Boy Band Names

British Boy Band? Yes, please.

Last night on Facebook, I posted a cry for help. Boy band names... I need one.

British Boy Band? Yes, please.

I had one of those moments as I was […]

Write Stuff Wednesday: What “Pink Snow” Taught Me About SHORT Stories

Pink Snow by Krissi Dallas

Welcome to my new blog and new feature post... Write Stuff Wednesday! In the future, I will try to use Wednesdays to post general writing exercises, tips, and industry insights […]

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Hydrodorian = Water-Gifted

LOOK. AT. THIS.This original digital painting is entitled "Hydrodorian" and is based on the Water tribe members in the Phantom Island series."Hydrodorian" by Brian PowersWhy am I so enthralled with […]

Book Design Process: The Covers That Could Have Been

One of the things I love about my publisher is that they keep the authors really involved in the production process of a book. This worked well for me coming […]

WINDFALL Takes Second Place in American Design Awards!

A huge congratulations to Kristen Verser... my cover designer for the Phantom Island series! Windfall (Phantom Island Book 2) was awarded second place in Book Cover Design in the Winter […]

Stick to the Point (of View, that is)

If you were a middle school student sitting in my class discussing literary terms, I would start off with a question like: “What is ‘point of view’ in a story?” […]

Winners, Winter Wonders, & Watercrossing!!

YAY! We finally have our winners for the Toothpaste Tournament - which means I now have my character names for my short story tentatively titled "Pink Snow." You will definitely […]

Vote For Your Favorite Toothpaste Tournament Contestant!

That's me! Feeling the burn, baby!Okay, peeps! The voting for the Toothpaste Tournament begins and will go on from now until Sunday night, May 20. Here are some things to […]

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