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The Toothpaste Tournament – How To Get A Character Named After YOU!

I am learning that EVERYONE wants a character named after them... And I am notorious for naming characters after people in my life. It kind of feels like I'm immortalizing […]

Madame Dallas’s Cafe & Bookshop Is Closing Down

Dangit. I've been staring at this computer screen for an hour and I still can't come up with the best way to open this blog post. So I guess it […]

TLA Conference 2012 (Aka. Texas Library Association… OR Totally Lost Author?)

 It's the fabulous Lucy Kubo - themastermind behind YAK Fest!Did you know that the TLA Conference is HUGE? I mean, like, 4-days-long-stadium-sized-facility-with-multiple-parking-garages-and-an-80-page-conference-program-HUGE. I trudged into the Exhibit Hall Thursday morning […]

Springtown Launches Watercrossing – April 16, 2012

Photos by Belle Reve Portrait DesignMonday, April 16th never really had a start to it. After the news I received the night before about Josh Walker (see last blog post), […]

The Most Difficult Blog Post I’ve Ever Written – In Loving Memory of Josh Walker (5/18/92 – 4/15/12)

Meet Josh. A graduate of Springtown High School Class of 2010 - my first class of 8th graders when I came to Springtown. Isn't he adorable? He was in band […]

The Makings of a ROCKIN’ Launch Party

Yeah, it's the night before the night we launch Watercrossing in my favorite little town - Springtown! As I type, my stomach is rolling and my hands are shaking and […]

Watercrossing Preparation Assignments!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know we've been completing Watercrossing Preparation Assignments for a chance at a Watercrossing giveaway! (If you DON'T follow me on Facebook, WHAT are […]

Watercrossing Pre-Release Launch Party – Springtown, Texas!

Watercrossing Pre-Release Launch PartyApril 16, 20126:00-8:00pmSpringtown High School CafeteriaSpringtown, TexasDiscover Your Tribe, Meet the Mapmaker & get an autograph, Help Krissi Name the Fish (on the cover), engage in Q […]

Watercrossing Contest Winners From StoryCasting Announced!

As many of you know, we've had a contest going on the last couple of months to see which Phantom Island fan could cast the actors and actresses in the […]

The Gift My Groom Sent An Hour Before the Wedding

If you read my Dear Teen Me letter that posted at on February 1st, you know that I DIDN'T tell myself (or show my readers) what was in the […]

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