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Stick to the Point (of View, that is)

If you were a middle school student sitting in my class discussing literary terms, I would start off with a question like: “What is ‘point of view’ in a story?” […]

Winners, Winter Wonders, & Watercrossing!!

YAY! We finally have our winners for the Toothpaste Tournament - which means I now have my character names for my short story tentatively titled "Pink Snow." You will definitely […]

Vote For Your Favorite Toothpaste Tournament Contestant!

That's me! Feeling the burn, baby!Okay, peeps! The voting for the Toothpaste Tournament begins and will go on from now until Sunday night, May 20. Here are some things to […]

The Toothpaste Tournament – How To Get A Character Named After YOU!

I am learning that EVERYONE wants a character named after them... And I am notorious for naming characters after people in my life. It kind of feels like I'm immortalizing […]

Madame Dallas’s Cafe & Bookshop Is Closing Down

Dangit. I've been staring at this computer screen for an hour and I still can't come up with the best way to open this blog post. So I guess it […]

TLA Conference 2012 (Aka. Texas Library Association… OR Totally Lost Author?)

 It's the fabulous Lucy Kubo - themastermind behind YAK Fest!Did you know that the TLA Conference is HUGE? I mean, like, 4-days-long-stadium-sized-facility-with-multiple-parking-garages-and-an-80-page-conference-program-HUGE. I trudged into the Exhibit Hall Thursday morning […]

Springtown Launches Watercrossing – April 16, 2012

Photos by Belle Reve Portrait DesignMonday, April 16th never really had a start to it. After the news I received the night before about Josh Walker (see last blog post), […]

The Most Difficult Blog Post I’ve Ever Written – In Loving Memory of Josh Walker (5/18/92 – 4/15/12)

Meet Josh. A graduate of Springtown High School Class of 2010 - my first class of 8th graders when I came to Springtown. Isn't he adorable? He was in band […]

The Makings of a ROCKIN’ Launch Party

Yeah, it's the night before the night we launch Watercrossing in my favorite little town - Springtown! As I type, my stomach is rolling and my hands are shaking and […]

Watercrossing Preparation Assignments!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know we've been completing Watercrossing Preparation Assignments for a chance at a Watercrossing giveaway! (If you DON'T follow me on Facebook, WHAT are […]

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