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My Yard Needs Weeding-And So Does My Life

Confession: I do NOT have a green thumb. I have never enjoyed gardening or planting or growing things, despite the fact that my grandmother has tried over and over again […]

Windchaser Reviewed On The Pioneer Woman Website!

Special thanks to Emelie Sanders who gave Windchaser a glowing review at on Tuesday, January 24! Find out why she said this book "captivated" her...Windchaser Review at

YAK Fest 2012

Opening Ceremony

Sorry it took me so long to finally blog about my experiences at the first annual YAK Fest 2012 (Young Adult Keller Book Festival). Honestly, it has taken […]

Backstage Pass to the Teenage Boy’s Mind

WARNING: What you are about to read contains the deep and thoughts of a select group of teenage boys who agreed to be completely honest with me on the condition […]

When Characters Become Your Friends…

CONFESSION: For me, characters make the magic in a story. If I can care about them, fall in love with them, cry or laugh with them, get angry at them […]

Krissi’s Konfessions: The Story Behind The Phobia

Krissi's Konfessions: The Story Behind The Phobia


I let the sharp side of the instrument nick the tender skin at his neck. “I’m not playing around here,” I threatened.“I realize that.” He gave a weak grin before […]

RELEASE DAY!! (And My Blog Is Moving…)

Happy Release Day to my new Phantom Island books - Windchaser and Windfall!! I can't believe it's finally here... I'd love for all of my blog followers to get involved […]

Twas the Night Before Book Release…

...And though it seems dorkyThe author could not rest, not even with her Yorkie.The Kindle was plugged in by the bedside with care,Waiting on Amazon to deliver Windchaser wirelessly there.The […]

What Makes My Toes Dance

Confession: When I get excited about something, my toes dance. Literally. Like, even without the rest of my body. Picture disco ball, flashing lights, club music, and my toes grinding […]

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