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Being An Adult in Teenage Land

CONFESSION: I hang out with teenagers more than adults. It just kind of comes with the territory of being a teacher and married to a youth pastor and, oh, writing […]

Pep Rally Party Place #5 – Tee Tate

Welcome to our fun Friday party stop today - you will not want to miss the post over at editor Tee Tate's blog as she hosts teenage "cutie-pie," Patrick! Patrick is an […]

Pep Rally Party Place #4 – Heather McCorkle

Today's Pep Rally feature is being held at Heather McCorkle's blog - Heather's Odyssey! I am so excited to spend time on Heather's blog because she is seriously one of […]

Pep Rally Party Place #3 – Yelena Casale

It might be Monday, but the Pep Rally continues at Yelena Casale's blog! I met Yelena during my weekly #WritersRoad chat on Twitter! Not only is she very kind-hearted and […]

Pep Rally Party Place #2 – Fuzzy Coffee Books

It's Pre-Release Day!!!I am REALLY excited to celebrate this event over at Fuzzy Coffee Books with book reviewer Courtney Ussery! This summer I started seeing these posts pop up about […]

Pep Rally Party Place #1 – Critique Sisters Corner

The Phantom Island Pep Rally kicks off today!! I am so excited to get to be featured on different blogs for the next two weeks. The bloggers/cheerleaders who will be hosting me have […]

WINDCHASER & WINDFALL: How are they different from the original WIND?

So.Here we are. The books pre-release on Saturday. And I'm just now writing the post I've been dreading for quite awhile. Not because I don't like the changes in the […]

The Curse of Creativity

On the drive back to Texas today, my mind had time to just think and imagine and analyze. I played through the very last scene of the very last book […]

Metamorphosis of a Book – Stage 3…or 4? 5?

Confession: I've lost track of time. Are we really halfway through September? Am I 31 years old now? And, um, are Windchaser and Windfall really releasing sooner than I initially […]

The Great “Matte vs. Glossy” Cover Debate

CONFESSION: The first time I held a printed proof of Windchaser in my hands, I cried. And not the good kind of cry. The bad kind. The kind of cry […]

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