Krissi’s Konfessions-Blog

Welcome to the Tour of Secrets!

Today's post of Krissi's Konfessions actually features the confessions of another author I greatly admire - Heather McCorkle! Welcome to the next stop on her blog Tour of Secrets as […]

11×17 Dreams

"If you are the kind of person who has 11x17 dreams, then don't hang around 5x7 people."There is a song by Addison Road called "Hope Now" and as I drove […]

Metamorphosis of a Book-Stage 2

NEW COVERS!I. LOVE. THEM.Both books are moving forward into Layout Design soon. Once everything is approved and ready for the printer, I'll be given a release date three months out. […]

The Unveiling…of the new book titles!!

CONFESSION: That's right. We have new book titles in the Phantom Island series! No longer is it just Wind and its sequel, Water. No, we have all new names and […]

How Do You Say Goodbye?

The end of two years together has finally come - like it always does.Today I said my traditional farewell to all sixty of my Crazy Eights by reading them a […]

Metamorphosis of a Book-Stage 1

Metamorphosis - n. A striking change in appearance or character or circumstancesThis is exactly what is happening to my books right now - changing from one form to another. Going […]

Two-Year Anniversary

CONFESSION: I just spent the last hour in the car reflecting on the last two years of my life - and cried. Yes, it's been two years since I self-published […]


Thirty days ago, Sam and I felt led to raise $1000 to contribute to four Heartwork organizations (see blog post before this one). Interestingly enough, the night this idea was […]

Heartwork in 30 Days

CONFESSION: My heart is breaking for orphans. It's upsetting to me to realize that all over our world and even right down the street, there are kids who are in […]

Mrs. D’s Favorite Moments

The CapitolFDR MemorialI don't even really know how to condense into a blog post an entire five days of sightseeing with a bus load of middle schoolers in our nation's […]

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