Discover Your Tribe

Do You Know What Phantom Island Tribe YOU Belong To?

Take the quiz and find out! Choose the option that best fits your instincts and record your answers. Remember… a quiz is just for fun! Be a member of the tribe YOU want to live in.

1. Of the following, which colors do I like the most?
  • a.  gray and purple
  • b.  green and yellow
  • c.  red and gold
  • d.  blue and white
2. When I am making weekend plans, I typically…
  • a.  like a party atmosphere-lots of people, excitement, and energy
  • b.  like to hang out with just my closest friends
  • c.  only do what I feel like doing when the time comes
  • d.  am happy if everyone else is happy-fun can happen anywhere
3. When conflict arises between a friend and me, how do I handle it?
  • a.  I like to talk openly through the problem until it is resolved
  • b.  I tend to be as honest as possible, even if it hurts
  • c.  I have to take some time alone to calm down first or I might say something I regret
  • d.  I run away from the problem, because I just don’t like conflict
4. I believe problems are best solved with…
  • a.  good communication among people
  • b.  logical and unemotional evaluation of the situation
  • c.  empathy-the ability to feel what other people feel
  • d.  compromise, so that everyone gives in a little
5. The kind of work I am best at is…
  • a.  when I work with my mind/intelligence
  • b.  when I work with nature/animals
  • c.  when I work with my hands/building
  • d.  when I work with people/relationships
6. If I could plan the perfect vacation, I would go to…
  • a.  the beach
  • b.  the forest or national parks
  • c.  the mountains
  • d.  anywhere I can play in the water
7. Which of the following options do I find the most calming or peaceful?
  • a.  the feel of air/wind
  • b.  the sights of nature
  • c.  the warmth of a fire
  • d.  the sounds of moving water
8. My bedroom is first arranged so that it is…
  • a.  decorative and beautiful
  • b.  practical and useful
  • c.  comfortable the way I like it
  • d.  the way my friends/family like it
9. When it comes to my relationships with people, I’m really good at…
  • a.  communicating and understanding their thoughts
  • b.  reading the motivations behind what they say
  • c.  understanding their feelings
  • d.  making them feel comfortable
10.  In which of the following areas do I find deep meaning?
  • a.  music / books
  • b.  sports / outdoors
  • c.  art / movies
  • d.  traveling / life experience

Now count up how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you have…

If you have a tie among tribes, pick the one YOU want to be in!


Once you know your tribe, register with the White Island and become an official Dorian!

  Mostly A

  Mostly B

  Mostly C

  Mostly D

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