Welcome to Aerodora!


Welcome to Aerodora
– the Wind Tribe village! We are located high in the treetops along the western coast of the White Island. Aeros are gifted with Wind life force and have special communication abilities. Like the free-flowing Wind on the Island, Aeros are free spirits – often given to deep thoughts with dramatic side effects. Our good communication skills make us effective leaders and cool thinkers. We are always aware of social expectations and take pride in setting trends for the other tribes. We enjoy coming up with new ideas that satisfy our thirst for creativity and adventure. We don’t like confined spaces or anything that stifles our creative expression. Our village is full of color and decoration – we care deeply about making life beautiful. Our tribal flags are purple and we bear the tribal birthmark in the shape of the thunderfly.

Aerodora features the most popular dance house, the Nightingale, where young people from all tribes can hang out together. Our Music Center trains children at a young age to use Wind in creating beautiful and original music. Here, some of the Island’s hottest musicians have gotten their start. We liken the experience of using the Wind life force to the natural instinct of breathing in or out. Our eyes are gray in their natural state, but glow with a silver hue when accessing the Wind. Aeros have been described as wise, philosophical, creative, and whimsical. However, Aeros can err on the side of being too dramatic, a little cunning, or manipulative.

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  1. I’m studying to be a pilot so this fits me perfectly!! Best. Tribe. EVER!!! Plus, the colour purple rocks the socks off!! (>^0^)/


  2. best tribe ever


  3. i love the aerodora tribe i wish this was real so i can use my power.



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