Welcome to Geodora!

Welcome to Geodora
– the Earth Tribe village! We are located centrally on the Island among vast crop fields and experimental facilities. Geos are gifted with the Earth life force and have the ability to communicate with the Earth and its resources. Our unique connection with the Earth gives us an uncanny sense of reading other people’s motivations. We tend to know when we are being lied to… we are very good at reading people. Geos are logical and practical, by nature. We believe that nature is beautiful by itself and does not need our adornments. We value honesty and loyalty within our tribe. We take it very hard when loyalty is called into question. Once our trust is lost, it is very hard to get back. We are most comfortable outdoors and spend much time working with animals and the natural environment. We love outdoor sports and often enjoy healthy games of competition – especially our favorite sport, Coconut Launch.

Our tribal flags are green with the tribal birthmark resembling a palm tree. In our village, we enjoy researching and creating new crops and products from the Earth’s resources. We are known by the other tribes for our excellent food and hospitality during special events in our village. Using the Earth life force is a second language to us and only we can understand it or use it. It is not a written language, nor is it ever spoken in an audible form. It is just within us. We have the special ability to create shields that block out harmful forces. This is especially useful in the game of Coconut Launch. Our eyes are green in their natural state and glow vividly bright when we access the Earth. We have been described as dependable and logical. However, we have been known to be too suspicious or too blunt with our thoughts and questions. We sometimes struggle with expressing our emotions because our instinct is always to approach a situation or a person with logic.

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  1. Hiya, Mrs. D! I was actually tied between an Aero and a Geo, but looked back and made my answers a bit more….. a bit LESS generic; I was trying to think very hard and deeply on the subject. XP
    Hope you’ve been having a good, relaxing, and productive summer so far! X3 I’ve only done cheer camp this summer. Well, celebrated my birthday in June and did cheer camp this past week. XP We’re leaving for a family road trip up north for the rest of July and some of August.
    Hope you keep on having a great summer, Mrs. Dallas! X3



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