Welcome to Hydrodora!

Welcome to Hydrodora
– the Water Tribe village! We are located on the White Island’s only source of fresh water – the Blue River, which runs north to south along the eastern edges of the Island. Hydros have the ability to access the Water life force which contains properties that sustain human and environmental life. Because of this, we are gifted with the unique ability to heal certain infirmities and ailments that plague Dorians. The village itself is comprised of houseboats and floating buildings and features many Water-run slides and tubes which allow faster access for us to maneuver around the village. Like the element of Water takes the shape of whatever container it is placed in, so we Hydros fit to whomever we are around. We are peacemaking and often set aside our own desires to meet the needs of others. Above all else, we just want to have fun in life!

Because of our playful nature, Hydrodora features the Island’s largest Waterpark – a play land of thrilling Water rides and daring Water activities stretching over quite some distance. One of the few land buildings (and the largest one in the village) is the Healing Center. Hydros have very blue eyes that glow brightly like the ocean when we use the Water life force. Our tribal birthmark is the symbol of an angelfish set into four waves, and we display it proudly on our blue tribal flags. We are peaceful, friendly, and humanistic in our truest form, always believing the best in others. Hydros do have weaknesses, though – we can often be too trusting or unable to make up our minds. We have difficulty leading because we fear upsetting others. Because we like to have fun, we can sometimes be accused of not taking situations seriously enough.

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