Welcome to Pyradora!

Welcome to Pyradora
– the Fire Tribe village! We are located along the hills of the White Mountain in the northeastern corner of the Island. Pyras can access the Fire life force and our abilities are strongest within close proximity to the Island’s dormant volcano. Our village features hiking trails, art-filled parks, and scenic points that overlook the Island. Because Fire is the source of light, we have the unique ability to manipulate light and produce images in the likeness of real people, places, or objects. Pyras are drawn to beauty, and this trait is often reflected in the art and sculptures that Pyras create. Our tribe boasts in producing some of the finest artists on the Island, as well as the most sought-after architects. We use the White Stone, an element native to the White Mountain, in our architecture and sculptures. We are equally known for producing breathtaking light displays, which are featured at special events on the Island. Dorians love to come visit our sculpture gardens and take in an evening light show.

Pyras work best using their hands – we are good at taking the ideas of others and bringing them into their usefulness. We feel emotions very keenly and are sensitive to the emotions in others. This makes us empathetic listeners and passionate people of action. Typically, we cannot stand to see others in pain or trauma because we feel their emotion so intensely. We are known to be very romantic and fiercely protective of those whom we love. But just like a Fire that can easily rage out of control if not given boundaries, our emotions can threaten to take control of our actions. It is not rare for a Pyra to show excessive emotion – both of excitement and passion or anger and rage. We do not just live in the world, we sense the world through our emotions first. This makes every experience very real and very intense. We have sometimes been described as moody, intense, or brooding when we do not keep our emotions in check. Our eyes are hazel but range in shade depending on our moods. They glow a bright gold when we are utilizing the Fire life force. Our body temperature remains hot and escalates with our emotions. Our tribal symbol resembles the White Mountain with four beams of light shooting out of the top.

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  1. I am a Pyra..Also,I love these books and I wanted to scream when Whit and Gabe KISSED OMG I wanted to stand up in my mainland history class and Scream!!!!Gabriel is soooooo In trouble!!!! Misstress Abrianna will know of this I promise you…I am three elemets,and I am still trying to Master the Geo… I do have their appetite Though!!XD lol thanks for the amazing books and my connection back to home


  2. you’r books are awesome



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