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Are you a teacher or librarian? (If not, do you know someone who is?) Give your students an experience with the real world of reading and writing through a school author visit! YA Author and Junior High Teacher Krissi Dallas shares the mysterious, magical world of Phantom Island and the secrets to writing successfully in the real world.
Krissi will gladly tailor her presentation to your school’s preferences and overall goals for the visit! Here are some ideas:
  • Small-group creative writing workshops with Krissi. (6th grade and up)
  • Literary Discussions – what literary elements in popular literature keep teens turning those pages? Includes student discussion and input.
  • The Tribal Quiz – where do teens fit into the Phantom Island world? Includes discussion about world-building within the framework of a story and the inspiration for the tribes in Phantom Island.
  • Archetypal Patterns in Fantasy – a study on the hero and the hero’s journey archetypes and how they play out in literature and movies (good for older students).
  • The Writer’s Journey – an inside look at the stages of a book’s publication, from inception to finish.
  • Personal Q & A Time – Krissi shares about herself, her passion for teenagers, and the aspects of life that ultimately led her to write for young adults
  • Skype chat with students available
  • Book Signing
Krissi Dallas is purely poetry personified! She drew crowds into our library during Family Fun Night where she commanded the attention of middle school students and parents alike. Krissi is down to earth, approachable, and charismatic. She provided an author experience we were happy to offer to our students and we look forward to inviting her back for future events!
Eva Goins
Lake Worth, TX

Krissi’s energy and entertaining presentation kept our high school students captivated, and we had many students begging to come back and hear her throughout the day. Krissi spoke to them about writing techniques used by successful novelists, and how they can apply that to their writing on a daily basis. I have had many teachers across our campus mention how they have never seen students so excited to read books as they are about reading the Phantom Island series! Jill Dodd
Gunter, TX

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