22 Again – My Tribute to Taylor Swift


I am a big Taylor Swift fangirl and am not ashamed to admit it. As a writer, I completely appreciate her lyrics and how she has become a voice for today’s teenage experience.

So when I was asked to lead a group of 11th and 12th grade girls for a weekend through small group bible study, community-wide worship services, recreational fun, AND a video contest, I wanted to do something completely girly and silly – and include as much footage as possible of the teens who make my LIFE so FUN. The resounding theme of my girls’ small group discussions was the issue of choosing the right college and careers and wanting to please the heart of God by following where He is leading. We did a lot of praying over these topics… and then we just had to put aside the worries and SING.

“You know what would be so great? If we could just be 22 years old and already be on the other side of these big decisions…”

That was the line that started it all.

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan-or just a fan of being a girl-or just really want to see some good-old fashioned fun among teens, then you HAVE to watch this video. (And especially don’t miss the surprise 3/4 of the way through the song… You will find some pretty cool church pastors who agreed to do a cameo in this particular video. They forever sealed themselves in the hearts of these girls for being so awesome!!)

Feel free to sing along.

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My Amazing YAK Fest 2013 Adventure
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Comments to “22 Again – My Tribute to Taylor Swift”

  1. Oh… this is wonderful! And Krissi, you look 22! What a great way to wake up. And thank you Taylor…. “We don’t even have to try… It’s always a good time.”

    Have an incredible day. You started mine perfect.

  2. Krissi, this is so awesome – YOU are so awesome! I love that: praying about the issues, then letting go and just being willing to have fun and rejoice in the gifts of friendship and peace and hope that God gives us! These girls (and the pastors, LOL!) seem like a great group. 🙂

    You know, I’m not quite 22 yet (getting closer, though!), but being 21 and out of college, I can say that the questions and the wondering and the big decisions don’t end once you’re done with school. There are just different decisions to make and different issues to deal with. So whatever age you’re at, I guess you just have to embrace the joy, look to God, and trust that He will lead you every step of the way. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the fun, Krissi! You know, you’re making me really wish I could come visit ya’ll in Texas! 😉


    • Amber, you are so right! Life is a constant mix of choices and pressures and moving forward! I really believe when we are walking daily with Jesus, reading God’s word, and pleasing His heart, our choices and desires will become the same as HIS. And these girls are experiencing that and growing in that – I am SO excited to see the BIG ways God is and WILL use them in whatever career path they choose. And I can see the same in YOUR life, Amber!! May God bring you blessing in your 20s as you follow consistently and wholeheartedly after Him, girl. And next time you’re in Texas, come JAM with us in the car. 😉

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