Wish Upon A Streaming Star

By Krissi Dallas

Wish Upon A Streaming Star

Daisy McEntire just wants to graduate high school and save her family’s riverside campground. High-school-dropout-turned-YouTube-star Caz Cortéz needs more subscribers before his sponsor dumps him. They’re neighbors and sworn enemies until half-a-million dollars shows up from a mysterious donor who challenges the two to recreate a series of famous movie scenes on live broadcast within 48 hours. The only thing that could jeopardize their prize money is the one challenge they can’t control–falling in love.

Krissi’s latest YA romantic comedy/adventure airs in episodes every weekend on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform! The first ten episodes are free to sample–read in the Kindle app or online.

Purchase tokens, unlock episodes, follow the story and give your thumbs up at the end of each episode right below the Author’s Note, which always contains fun insider peeks to the story and writing process. Most importantly, as you unlock episodes each week, you’ll be granted a crown Fave to bestow on the story! The more Faves a story gets every week, the higher it climbs up on the Leaderboard for new readers to find. Vote on reader polls and interact with Krissi and other readers in the comment section after each episode–YOU are part of the writing process every week!

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