I wrote this on Facebook a year ago and just found it again. I thought I’d post it here, too – they all still apply. And it might give you a little more insight about me…

So, here they are… 25 Random Facts You Might Not Know About Me:

1. If I was allowed to have pink highlights all year long, I would. Instead, I am resigned to making this a summertime endeavor. (I don’t even notice old ladies staring at me anymore.)

2. I feel more like a teenager at this stage of my life than I did when I was a teenager. The big difference is I don’t ACT like a teenager and I get really annoyed with adults who can’t grow up and be responsible … if that makes any sense.

3. I truly don’t know if I will ever have children … I always thought I would, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m totally okay with living my life to share the love of Jesus and leaving that as my only legacy.

4. In addition to my own mother, I believe that my girlfriends who have had children in the last few years are some of the best mothers out there. If #3 ever does happen, I have so many wonderful role models to learn from.

5. For the first time in my life (going strong since April 2008), I have actually had a GENUINE, PASSIONATE desire to read my Bible from cover to cover. Pathetic for a girl who has grown up in church, served in church, led others to Christ, went to a private Christian school and college … I’m ashamed.

6. I truly believe everything I do is ministry. I didn’t just marry into it … It’s my life and I would have it no other way.

7. I have written a novel that I love, with characters who are very real to me. I dream of sharing this story with others. Not because I’m some great writer or even all that original, but because it’s just another way to live #6.

8. I cry every time one of my students lose their virginity. Seriously cry.

9. I still have recurring dreams of leaving OBU and I’m so sad in the dreams because deep down I know life will never be the way it was. (And it’s true when I wake up – life never will be like college again, but it’s a different kind of GOOD.) 🙂

10. I was in an elevator accident in the 8th grade down in Mexico. Fell four stories to the basement. It took me two years to get back on an elevator after that and I still panic on the inside every time I use one. That is the other recurring dream – I’m stuck in broken elevators that crash or go all kinds of weird directions so that I never know at what point I will crash. It’s maddening.

11. I have a horribly irrational fear of fish. Yep, just your average pet goldfish, bass, catfish … anything with scales and gills. Sharks and whales and dolphins are no problem. But, if you bring a fish near me, I will run screaming and physically shake all over. Maybe even pee my pants, I don’t know.

12. I love teaching middle school. If you didn’t know that already, I would ask if we had ever met.

13. One of my favorite accomplishments was singing the National Anthem alone at the Spurs game versus the Atlanta Hawks on January 21, 1998. I was a senior in high school and didn’t eat for 3 days prior to the game. As soon as I stepped off the court, I made Mel pig out with me on concession junk food and didn’t even care how unladylike I appeared in front of the cute Color Guard boys.

14. I never thought I would date Sam Dallas, much less marry him. I’m so glad I did. I live every day under the umbrella of his blessings. He is a great man who accomplishes great things.

15. I’m a terrible housekeeper. If you want more detail than that, ask Sam.

16. Sometimes I let Sam do things for me that I am perfectly capable of doing for myself. Otherwise, he may think he’s not needed and he SO is.

17. I tend to remember the past better than it actually was. To talk to me, you’d think I had a perfect childhood and glamorous life up to this point. Not always the case, but what’s the point in focusing on the bad? It’s not that I make up my own thing about the past; I just GENUINELY don’t remember a lot of the bad parts. I can look back and see God’s grace covering me throughout my whole life.

18. My biggest fear in life (aside from elevators and fish) is failure. I cannot accept it. It is not an option.

19. Oh! I have the tip of a pencil lead stuck in the palm of my right hand – stabbed myself in a random act of stupidity in the 3rd grade. Every once in while, it itches … like right now … which is what reminded me of it.

20. I sing and act in front of the mirror. No, seriously. Even now at 29 years old.

21. I am completely over the Daddy issues that plagued my young adult years. But, I still can’t listen to “Butterfly Kisses” or any other father/daughter songs because I may cry and be forced to admit that it’s something you never really get over. But, for all intensive purposes, I’m over it and still love my Dad for who he is.

22. If I do have kids someday, I want twins … a boy and a girl. Unlikely, I know, but I’m a dreamer.

23. I am an adult who still buys herself blankies. I even buy my dogs blankies, and I now have them trained to only sleep on soft, lavender-vanilla scented blankies. And, yes, we call them blankies.

24. Sometimes I think my family likes Sam better than me.

25. I am obsessed with water bottles. (There are, on average, at least 3-4 half-drunk water bottles lying around my house at any given time.) I am the little girl in the movie, Signs, and I keep wondering if it’s going to save my life some day.