Thirty days ago, Sam and I felt led to raise $1000 to contribute to four Heartwork organizations (see blog post before this one). Interestingly enough, the night this idea was presented to us, Sam and I prayed separately over it and then came together to discuss an amount God laid on our hearts. We both said at the same time, “A thousand dollars.” What was funny, though, was that at the time, I missed the whole idea of doing it in 30 days… I thought I had several months. Regardless, even if I was confused about the amount of time, I WASN’T confused about the amount of money God was telling me to raise. And by the time I realized I had only 20 days left, I had already made the commitment in my heart to see it through.

So my mom and I agreed to donate proceeds from Phantom Island books even though it meant we’d lose money that we really need to continue to pay off publishing debt. We lowered prices on books and t-shirts and did a last big push. SO MANY PEOPLE ordered multiple copies to give to people just so they could contribute. And then SEVERAL of them contributed extra on top of the book sales for Heartwork. (My t-shirts are almost all gone at this point.) Then Sam and I sold some videogames and extraneous possessions we just didn’t need. Both of our families contributed to the causes – which is a huge blessing when you can go to your family and they echo your heart’s cry for people in the world. We feel so blessed that we come from families who GIVE so selflessly. Finally we threw in some money of our own and we were still $100 short.
Then we checked the mail.
The parents of one of my college roommates had found out about what we were doing and – without telling us – sent a check. For exactly $100. They didn’t even know this was all we still needed. We had reached our goal!
Today we got to write a check for $1,020 to those Heartwork organizations!! And I’m SO EXCITED!!
I don’t share this to praise the name of Sam and Krissi – or even the names of the people who contributed. But I think that something like this bears testimony to the fact that the Holy Spirit works in all of us to help take care of others. And when we step out in faith together, we can accomplish GREAT things for HIS kingdom. 
As this money is distributed to these organizations, I am already praying over its effects… for Kyle Eakin who desperately needs new lungs and liver, for the victims of sex trafficking that need a safe place to go, for the thirsting people of Haiti, and for orphans in different countries who need our support just to survive. I pray that through meeting their basic needs, they find a loving, providing FATHER in my God and that their lives are radically changed by a Savior who died for them.
Thank you to those of you who jumped on board with us – for whatever reason you did it – may God receive the glory!!