The moment has arrived … 
Check it out for a nibble of what will be the delicious debut of all things Phantom Island! Please pass the site onto friends, bookstores, teachers, schools, anybody who would be interested in a book like this. I hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to my hard-working, perfectionist webmaster, David Elsea for breathing life, color, and precision into the website. If you like it, he receives the credit! (If you hate it, neither of us wants to know.)

MAY 11, 2009! 
Keep checking back for updates. 

A Learning Experience A Pearl With Wisdom
A Learning Experience
A Pearl With Wisdom


  1. Hello Mrs. Dallas, I have read you book atleast 3 times already! It is an amazing book! Cant wait for book two. by the way Gabriel should soo get Whitnee! lol 😀 you are a great writer with an amazing talent. Keep up the great work! Cant wait til this summer.

  2. well mrs. dallas i luv your book like no other!!! i luv how truthful you are about your fishaphobia it`s very funny but there are things like that i`m just like that !!!! i csn not wait for your next book !!!! i luv your teaching your my most favorite !!! enjoyed your book!!!

  3. AHHH!!! You came to my school today krissi and ur book trailor made me want to dive my nose right in to that astonishing book!!! well i hope i get to read it and that you have good luck with ur book!!!

  4. this book is amazing. my mom comented how this is the first time she has ever read so fast and so long !!!!! i can`t wait till your next book !!!!

  5. well krissY i sure don’t remember you hooking me with that fishing pole when i was a kid but i do remember you always panicking when you saw a fish, even if it was only a minnow used for bait. anyways i am so very proud of you and your accomplishments. i cannot wait to see where all of this goes. i love you very much and i will see you this weekend at your book showing.

  6. Krissi, I’m getting more excited everytime another door opens for you and Phantom Island.
    It was good to be with you when you came home for Easter. Just keep on with what you are doing as our Heavenly Father is walking before you and leading your way with your exciting book. I’ll see you on May 11 for your first book showing. GOOD LUCK Nanny H

  7. So I was definetly about 2 seconds from barging into your classroom today. I had to be in Springtown for a funeral and my dad drives like a maniac. We were over an hour early… I was like “hey… KRissi works down the road…*evil grin*” hahaha

  8. The site is beutiful Krissi. It’s very you. But it gives a lot away about the book int he playlist in stuff. I feel as if I’ve been spoiled. AND WHILE WERE THERE am I the ONLY one of your kids who hasn’t read this thing??? My heart is broken, I think I might cry.
    And I am so not letting you read my book *grouchface*

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