‘It is not time for you to go home yet, Whitnee,’ he told me, and I felt the annoyance bubble up inside of me again.

‘Who are you to decide that?’

‘And who are you to reject all that is ancient and sacred to our culture?’ he spat back. ’You think you just stumbled onto some other place and you can leave as you please. But we are real people with a real history. We have waited for generations for a prophecy to come true, and you act as if it is nothing!’

Transported along with four friends onto a mysterious and magical Island, Whitnee Terradora wants nothing more than to return home safely—until she starts performing supernatural feats such as cyclones, healing, and communicating with the plant she accidentally set on Fire.

Suddenly, finding the Island seems like more than just a coincidence. When an ancient prophecy causes a controversy among the leaders of the White Island, Whitnee questions who is looking out for her interests, and who is interested only in gaining power. Even Gabriel, her one ally on the Island, has secrets that both confuse and allure her.

Who can Whitnee really trust to find out the truth about herself and her missing father? Could Whitnee really be the answer to the White Island’s problems and if so, is it worth the danger of never returning home?

‘Dallas has a captivating command of detail…Phantom Island isn’t just for teenagers; it’s for anyone who hasn’t forgotten how to read—how to imagine and empathize and create…. Everything about the Island kept me turning pages when I should have been sleeping.’
Renea McKenzie
Book Reviewer for Probe Ministries

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