KONFESSION: Going up against your principals, the people with power, is like trying to one-up the mafia. They are vicious, they have spies and contacts everywhere, and they fight dirty.


TIME: Friday, February 5 – 0900 hours

DELIVERY: Six heavy, suspicious (and annoying) boxes of workbooks get dumped in Dallas’s classroom. These were not needed – Dallas already had her supply for the year.

CULPRITS: Wilson (Principal) and Thomas (Assistant Principal) and one ugly yellow dolly for lifting.

FURTHER INVESTIGATION: Teachers Babcock and Chesney (Dallas’s neighbors in the 100 Hall) all got unwanted deliveries.

INSTRUCTIONS: Dallas, Babcock, and Chesney were all told to “do what you want” with the old workbooks. Dallas and Babcock chose to openly steam about the injustice. Chesney promptly delivered a box to each principal’s office, earning a return visit by the principals who then tossed the books back in her classroom of students. After that, silent steaming and plotting commenced -despite the fact that Dallas got “penny-locked” in her classroom with her 7th period – thanks to Wilson and Thomas once again.


TIME: Friday, February 5 – 1632 hours

COVER: T-Shirt making party in Dallas’s room – full of students, parents, and lots of glitter.

DELIVERY: Boxes from all three teachers’ classrooms were quietly and sneakily taken to both principals’ offices. Workbooks were deposited all over floor, desk, shelves, filing cabinets, ceiling tiles, and windows. Yes, even taped to the chair.

CULPRITS: 3 vengeful teachers, about 18 loyal students, 4 innocent parent bystanders, 1 very cool Assistant Principal (Ribble) who averted her eyes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Custodial staff was notified not to clean up the mess. Students were warned to keep it quiet. All was set for Monday morning.

TIME: Sunday, February 7 – 1700 hours

ACTION: Wilson discovers office mess.

TIME: Monday, February 8 – 0730 hours

DISCOVERY: Chesney, Babcock, and Dallas return to school to find snapshots of themselves from security video feed in the school – with the threatening words “BUSTED” scrawled all over them. Inside each classroom, desks are overturned and pages of workbooks ripped up and scattered everywhere. In Dallas’s room, there is even a leaning tower of desks with triumphant workbook pages strategically placed at the top.

CULPRITS: Wilson and Thomas’s Henchmen

RESULT: First period students get a lesson in recycling and waste management.

Or is it?