This original digital painting is entitled “Hydrodorian” and is based on the Water tribe members in the Phantom Island series.

“Hydrodorian” by Brian Powers

Why am I so enthralled with this painting? It’s not just because it is inspired by my writing. And it’s not just because it gave me chills the first time I saw it. And it’s not just because it reminded me of a powerful scene in the upcoming book four, Watermark – which no one has read yet!
I love this because it was designed by a former student of mine. 
Brian Powers was that quiet kid in the classroom about whom you always wonder what they’re really thinking. Most of the time I worried that my loud, assertive personality was stepping all over little Brian’s toes. After teaching him for two years, he moved off to high school and graduated in 2011. When he sent me this today, I nearly cried. What a talent he has. And he claims now that, “yes, you were stepping all over my toes but I loved it. Room 313 was a completely different world that I got to go to twice a day.” He also said that as he “blasted” through the Phantom Island books, he was getting such vivid images running through his head with the Hydrodorians that he had to stop and create THIS.
We must’ve been sharing the same muse because I could SEE this…in my HEAD…long before I saw it here in this painting. 
Thank you, Brian! Your gift has blessed me so much! I am so proud of you.

“I was holding my hands out over the balcony,
 palms up, trying to catch enough rain in my hand
 to throw on the Fire when a curious thing happened. 
The raindrops started moving to my hands 
like magnets to a refrigerator. 
In no time, I had a huge puddle of Water 
floating about an inch above my palm.”