Happy First Birthday to Kindle Vella! Whether you joined Kindle Vella on day one or are just learning about Amazon’s serial platform, I want to thank you for being a reader and a supporter.

I teamed up with 19 other Kindle Vella authors to treat 4 lucky winners to a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

5 authors will be featured each day and are separated into groups. (You can see I’m in group #3!) Each group is a separate raffle with a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Stop by each group to up your odds of winning. Remember, the more actions you take, the more raffle tickets you earn. So, make sure you visit all 4 groups before Saturday, July 16! (Winners announced on Tuesday, July 19!)

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What is Kindle Vella? Stories of many genres released one short episode at a time, available on the web and in the Kindle app. The first few episodes of every story are always free.

What you can do as a reader:
-Follow the stories you like to keep up with the latest from your favorite characters.
-Like an episode? Give it a Thumbs Up to let us, authors, and other readers know you liked it. Thumbs up are anonymous and so helpful for a story’s stats!
-Receive one Fave a week when you unlock episodes. Award it to the story you’re enjoying most that week.