Well, tomorrow is the DAY … not only is SMS Idol Talent Show 2009 happening tomorrow, but then I bust a move and head straight to the airport for our exciting trip to Argentina! (I’m totally not even packed yet – it’s called STRESS. Don’t judge me.) While we are gone, PLEASE check our mission trip blog for updates each day. You’ll get to hear from the teenagers going, as well as the adults — we are taking 7 high schoolers and 5 adults! 

The website is http://www.thinkglocally.blogspot.com  – your support and prayers mean so much! This will be challenging and rewarding and renewing, I’m sure. Pray that God moves my heart as He moves me out of my American comfort zone. Pray that I find common ground with the Argentinian teens I come into contact with — and that their hearts and minds are open to why we are there. Pray that the food will not be a problem for me and that no allergy emergencies will surface (this is a real fear for me). Pray that my limited Spanish-speaking abilities supernaturally come back to me. LOL. 
Have an awesome Spring Break — I will miss seeing/speaking/hearing from my blog friends, so don’t be a stranger! 
Alas, I must away … very far away …