I confess that it is wicked cool to have fans.

There are some things I am experiencing that I NEVER dreamed would actually happen. For instance, having a group of 20+ people in all age ranges who read an advance copy of my book and actually like it … if I didn’t have such a support system, I would not be doing this. And these friends don’t just like the book, they’re willing to invest their time, energy, and good reputations to promote Phantom Island and make it successful.

I have a SWEET video trailer for the book – see www.krissidallas.com! Make sure your speakers are on. It gave me chills the first time I watched it.

I’ve got teenagers who created the Official Krissi Dallas Fan Club (am I allowed to start promoting it yet, guys?) Oh, well. Read what they have to say at www.thezephyra.blogspot.com!

Amelia and Emily (the REAL ones – not the characters in the book) created the first ever fan shirts – something I have done myself for other authors, other books, other pop culture phenomenons. And, yes, now someone has done that for my book – WAY COOL. (Amelia’s says “I play with fire and don’t get burned – Pyra” and on the back “The Real Amelia (not a brat!)” Emily’s says “The boat could rock all day, and I’ll never get sick! – Hydro” and on the back “The Real Emily”)

When I went home for a day on Easter weekend, my cousins surprised me with their egg designs … Bailey, Arley, and Andrew have all read my book (they’re in 8th and 9th grades) and they have already determined their tribes (of course). Bailey is a Hydro, Arley an Aero, and Andrew a Pyra – sometimes Geo. Anyway, they made an egg for each tribe and we took pictures around that particular element. (I think they had too much fun lighting matches, though.)

Then I got a fun little surprise in the mail tonight – my aunt got a brilliant idea to make these useful bookmarks with magnets – (she’s a practical Geo with a creative side) and they’re so cute! Now she’s going to mass produce them for me as part of our Phantom merch. FUN!

Meanwhile, we are continuing to set up a book tour for the summer. I’ve been in touch with a few schools already and have three cities officially set up. We are working on more and it is an exciting process, as well as a learning experience for all of us.

Now, if we could only get the book here in print, we could actually get this ball rolling. It’s exciting, but I’m ready for all the people I love to read!

Pre-orders have begun for the Springtown, Burleson, and San Antonio events, so please see my Author Website for updated information! Thank you, thank you to those precious students and friends who have already pre-ordered! How exciting!

The portal opens soon …