The Phantom Island Pep Rally kicks off today!! I am so excited to get to be featured on different blogs for the next two weeks. The bloggers/cheerleaders who will be hosting me have been Twitter friends, supporters, encouragers, and all around wonderful people to network with – everything that real Pep Rally cheerleaders do!

Today’s Kick-Off is taking place on the Critique Sisters Corner – hosted by Karlene Petitt and featuring Amelia – the REAL one, not the character! You’ll discover a not-so-secretive phobia of mine and how it manifested itself this summer in China! You’ll also get to hear more about Windchaser and Windfall (pre-releasing TOMORROW)!

The Critique Sisters are made up of Karlene, Heather, and Linda. These three women are dedicated to supporting writers in all walks of life. One of the things I LOVE about them is their constant positivity and their detailed attention to the craft of writing. To my aspiring writers/authors out there – you will want to follow the Critique Sisters and soak up the plethora of knowledge they share about the craft and the industry! I wish I would have had them when I first started out on this adventure. I am CERTAINLY glad to have their support NOW!

Hop on over there now and show your Phantom Island spirit!