I am REALLY excited to celebrate this event over at Fuzzy Coffee Books with book reviewer Courtney Ussery! This summer I started seeing these posts pop up about my books from a girl I didn’t know named Courtney. She would leave comments here and there on the internet sharing how much she loved the original Phantom Island: Wind – always promoting and spreading the word about MY book. I decided I needed to be friends with her. So I found her book review blog and started following her! In a matter of months, Courtney had grown her blog tremendously due to her friendly personality and interactive approach to reading and sharing a love for books.

Aside from Courtney’s devotion to Phantom Island, there is something about her that I really like – maybe it’s because she read a lot of the same books as me growing up. Or because we both have ties to Texas and Oklahoma. Maybe it’s because I find myself agreeing a lot of times with her book reviews or being drawn to the same types of YA books that she is… I don’t know. But she is definitely someone to start following if you aren’t already! She is a true cheerleader for me – and supports authors and reading out of a passionate heart. She’s honest while still trying to be positive and thoughtful in her approach to reviewing books. And her enthusiasm is completely contagious! See this cheerleader? SHE MADE IT FOR MY PEP RALLY! (Look at her Aero purple uniform!)

And she made several buttons that you guys can copy and place on your blogs once you know what tribe you’re in! You can click on each button to follow the link to the Tribal Quiz on my author website. (Or I have the htmls I can send that will link you directly there!)

Either way, please check out Courtney’s post as she features my former student, Sarah who gives insight to her first day of middle school in my classroom and her thoughts on Windchaser and Windfall!

The Fire Tribe

The Wind Tribe

The Water Tribe

The Earth Tribe