Today’s Pep Rally feature is being held at Heather McCorkle’s blog – Heather’s Odyssey! I am so excited to spend time on Heather’s blog because she is seriously one of my FAVORITE people in this business! Heather is not only an accomplished writer and published author, but she has also made a career of reaching out to other writers in all stages of the journey. (Read more about her book, The Secret of Spruce Knoll, when it was featured HERE on Krissi’s Konfessions.)

Heather co-hosts the #WritersRoad chat with Tee Tate (who will be the 5th stop in the Pep Rally) every Monday night on Twitter at 8:00pm CST. This chat has been instrumental in connecting me with other writers, learning more about the trade, and just finding support and encouragement in a business where there isn’t a lot. I encourage you aspiring writers/novelists/authors out there to join us on Monday nights! We are the least intimidating group of people I’ve ever known on Twitter and just enjoy chatting and learning from each other!

Heather’s post today features the thoughts of my 16-year-old cousin, Arley, who has been a Phantom Island fan since its inception in 2008! Go find out what P.I. character is based on Arley! Hint: There are a lot of Geos on the blog today!

And I was glad to see more entries for the Phantom Island Swag giveaways on October 15th! You can still throw your name in the hat (and then add more Spirit Points as you go) by leaving a comment with your name HERE on the Phantom Island Pep Rally page!