Pep Rally Party Place #7 – Kristie Cook

Only two more stops left on our Phantom Island Pep Rally blog tour! Today I am over at Kristie Cook’s blog with one of my precious teenagers, Angie. Angie is a beautiful writer herself and I love how she pays attention to the little details in life that sometimes provide the most insight. Please take a minute to go read what she has to say about me, about the books, and about herself today.

I’m also particularly excited to be hosted by Kristie Cook who is a successful romance author. I met Kristie on Twitter a long time ago and she’s one of those authors I greatly respect. The woman works very hard at what she does and she’s seen success because of it! I also love it because sometimes Kristie says things that I’m usually thinking, but don’t have the courage to say. Haha. The woman knows her stuff and she’s a good friend to have in this business! Skip on over there and check out her books while you’re there!

Don’t forget… the Pep Rally ends on Friday. By that point, you will need to have entered your name on the Pep Rally page for the drawing (free books!) and tallied up your extra spirit points on the form via the Spirit Points page! These could be yours…

Pep Rally Party Place #6 – Tina Moss Last Chance – Pep Rally Checklist
Pep Rally Party Place #6 – Tina Moss
Last Chance – Pep Rally Checklist

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