Phantom Phantasma!

Okay, I confess that I might have made up the word “phantasma” or at least misused it?? Hope it doesn’t mean anything bad… Regardless, here is what I am asking… if you have been a follower or reader of this blog, I would really like to point you to a couple of other places that need and want your support.

This is an online Krissi Dallas Fan Club that was started by four of my former students who will be juniors in high school next year. First of all, I am really proud of these kids for taking the initiative and using their skills to start something like this. Not only does it help ME, but it’s giving them life experience and something with which to put on their resumes. They are in it for the long-haul, and I ask that you please support these teen trendsetters by regularly reading their blogs and leaving them comments. They are four of the brightest kids I have ever taught and they are completely running this gig on their own – I love watching them use their giftedness and especially love the way they have become my teen spokespersons on behalf of Phantom Island. Once you read Phantom, you will also understand why they chose the Zephyra as their name… very cool. They have been promised exclusive interviews and insider information about what’s coming … so PLEASE help them build a readership and support their efforts!

Renea McKenzie is an avid reader and reviewer of published works. I have often enjoyed her reviews of books, which have ranged in subject matter from children’s stories to theological discussions that are way over my head. She recently read Phantom Island (rather quickly) and wrote a review on her book blog. Not only did her review completely leave my mouth hanging open, but it made me want to go back and read my own book again. LOL. Please check out the review, not just for me, but in support of her efforts to dissect and give rational opinions about good literature. Knowing and respecting her intellectual and critical mind, I am very excited, blessed, and humbled by her support with Phantom. She also has a blog that is dedicated to her deep thoughts on various life issues – it is certainly worth the read, too. (

THANK YOU for supporting these people – I know that having a following or readership makes a big difference in how I write and even my desire to write… so it means a lot to me for you guys to help these people out! Much love!!!

Being the Bridge Camp Fusion 2009
Being the Bridge
Camp Fusion 2009

Comments to “Phantom Phantasma!”

  1. Hahaha. One more comment
    In case you didn't.
    I totally looked up Phantasma-so for public betterment
    according to
    phantasma-see phantasm
    Phantasm-Something apparently seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or an apparition. Also called phantasma.
    An illusory mental image. Also called phantasma.
    In Platonic philosophy, objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses.

    so basically the name of this blog is “phantom phantom” woot!!! hahahahahahaha
    I love summer boredom

  2. It's fixdeded!!!!!

  3. I’m totally not trying to be in the way of the family spending time together
    but in this particular case
    they were there because he was buying dinner
    i was there because it was something that was important to me
    and i wish that every once in a while, i could do something with my dad without a screaming four year old, and my sister who hates me, and TRIES to make everybody miserable and piss my parents off.
    no, that is not an exageration.

  4. okay, so eight million comments from me
    but no the questions weren't rhetorical
    i want answers, and the guts to tell him to either have the guts to treat me the same in public as he does at home, or control himself all the time, not just when people are watching

    know what i mean?

  5. oh, as to your comment on my Other blog, you pretty much answered the question
    thanks for letting me know I'm a horrible person

  6. I old you. my keyboard is broken some of he keys don't work and he lap-ops won' ge on he inerne

    lol 😀

  7. Speaking of book reviews,
    I'm building a new blog
    for my book thoughts etc. (mostly because I enjoy getting my two cents in)
    and Phantom Island comes first.
    Of course it won't be as intelligent as Renea's, but…*shrug*

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