The Book of Krissi

CONFESSION: Sometimes I come across certain situations or circumstances that I think SHOULD be illegal. I’m not talking about the serious stuff – like the good laws of the land that we already have in place. I’m talking about ridiculous, fluffy stuff that I wish I could enforce on the rest of the world. I file them in my mind under a folder called the Book of Krissi – a list of preferences-turned-into-laws that should make the world a happier place.

If I actually wrote out the Book of Krissi, here are some laws that might be included…

1. It should be a crime for teachers to not decorate their classrooms. White walls are meant for hospitals or asylums… not schools. (We decorate our homes to make them more comfortable. Why can’t a classroom be made comfortable, too?)

2. Farting in a classroom environment should be a punishable crime. Nobody should ever desecrate the temple of my classroom with their gas.

3. “Your mom” should be considered a logical and acceptable response to any question that I either don’t know the answer to or just don’t want to answer.

4. Any pick-up trucks that have the male parts hanging and swaying from the back of the tailgate should be considered participants in indecent exposure and, therefore, become open targets for road rage.

5. iPhone 4 should be recalled and replaced with a new one due to its aggravating network problems. Period. End of story.

6. Everyone should bust out into unified song and dance at least three times a day – no matter where you are in the world.

Those are just a few recent laws added to the Book of Krissi. What laws would you write into your book?

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Comments to “The Book of Krissi”

  1. I can say with complete confidence that I most definately follow rule number 6. Every day.

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  3. lol! this post is hilarious! I definitely agree with the whole farting law in the classroom!

    If I were gonna write some laws I would make these legal:

    -all men and women must clean up after themselves especially after using the restroom.

    -fish are not meant to be eaten; they are meant to be enjoyed

    -the oldest sibling can dictate to the younger ones what they need to do.


  4. Response:
    1. Male teachers are exempt… just as they are in their own homes

    2. Public humiliation is typically effective

    3. YOUR MOM

    4. I always want to find a blowtorch

    5. Apple is overrated. Technology, while fun and addicting, is generally overrated.

    6. Your mom.

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