If you read my Dear Teen Me letter that posted at DearTeenMe.com on February 1st, you know that I DIDN’T tell myself (or show my readers) what was in the surprise gift bag that Sam had delivered to the bridal room right before our wedding.

To adequately appreciate these pictures, you need to pause NOW and go read the letter. It’ll take you one minute. Seriously.

 July 12, 2003… I reached into that bag and pulled out…

This was a card that Sam signed when he was 15 years old committing himself to remaining sexually abstinent until the day he entered into a marriage relationship. Not only did that 15-year-old boy have the forethought to hold on to the card all those years in order to give it to his wife someday, but he also faithfully kept that commitment until our wedding night.

This was the bride he waited for all those years…

And just for fun… This was the night we got engaged in November 2002.

Dear Teen Krissi,
You are one lucky girl.