Yeah, it’s the night before the night we launch Watercrossing in my favorite little town – Springtown! As I type, my stomach is rolling and my hands are shaking and my heart is pounding a little bit. All these stupid thoughts fight for control of my mind… What if no one shows up to the party? What if people hate the book? Or ME? What if I say something really stupid on the mic? What if…what if…WHAT IF!!!

*taking a deep breath*

This is not my first rodeo. Pull it together, Krissi.

The reality is that the people who WANT to join me in this journey – the ones who have truly been with me from the start and the ones who are just now ready to jump on board this uber fun bandwagon – will BE there and they will make it FUN! So with that said, here’s what you can expect tomorrow night…

MUSIC – because if you know me at all, you know I cannot put on any event without some kickin’ music to set the scene.

GABRIEL AND CALEB – Um, yeah… What started out as me joking around (“Hey, wouldn’t it be hilarious if we had a couple of SHS boys come dressed as Gabriel and Caleb to take pics with fans?”) has now turned into REALITY. The high school girls convened and they have made it happen. Klay Stokes will be modeling as our high-school-aged Island Hottie Gabriel and Bryson Burtnett will be modeling as our All-American Cutie Caleb. I’m not sure why this is simultaneously hilarious, awkward, and totally awesome to me… but there you have it. Girls, bring your cameras!

PHOTO BOOTH – The PTA is hosting a photo booth for you to have your picture taken “on the Island” or “at Camp Fusion” and they’re also bringing some snacks and drinks for all of us to munch on! I love our PTA and am thrilled to have them involved!!

SPRINGTOWN SECRETS – Yep, I’m going to reveal all the little secrets in the book that are tied directly to Springtown students and friends – including who certain characters are named after and where certain ideas came from. You won’t want to miss that part!

The ORIGINAL pencil-drawn map (not in the book)

WHITE ISLAND MAP – Did you know the White Island has an official map in Watercrossing? And did you know it was handcrafted by Sonia Pennington, a freshmen in high school who I had the awesome privilege of teaching in 7th and 8th grade? Sonia will be there to autograph the map in your books!! She will be a famous artist someday, so you will WANT that signature of hers! Haha. And speaking of…

AUTOGRAPHS – In addition to getting MY autograph in your book and Sonia’s on your map, I wanted to share the spotlight with ALL of you. All fans who get their book autographed by me will have the opportunity to autograph my new blue tablecloth – I want a collection of YOUR autographs for making this journey so fun!

AUTHOR READING – If you’ve ever been one of my students, you know it’s a special time when I pull up my pink chair and you sit on the floor around me and I read to you. I will be reading the opening scene of Watercrossing live at the party. And I will be inviting all my students – past and present to join me on the stage for it!

REVIEWS – Hear what a few people who have already read Watercrossing have to say about it – and then get excited as you read and form your own opinions and experience the continuing drama in the Phantom Island series!

I hope that my Springtown family (because if you’ve taken my class, you KNOW that FAMILY is what we are) will come to hang out tomorrow night! Sales of books and t-shirts are not the best part of this kind of event – for me, it’s about celebrating together and enjoying what our imaginations can construct through literature! I want you on this journey with me, so please come regardless of what you buy or don’t buy! Love you guys!