Vote For Your Favorite Toothpaste Tournament Contestant!

That’s me! Feeling the burn, baby!

Okay, peeps! The voting for the Toothpaste Tournament begins and will go on from now until Sunday night, May 20. Here are some things to consider: All of these contestants willingly slathered their faces with toothpaste (enduring quite a bit of burning and stinging from what I hear) and they need your votes! The girl and boy with the most votes by Sunday night will not only win a choice of a Phantom Island book or t-shirt, but also an immortalized namesake through my characters. I will be naming my two main characters in my “Pink Snow” short story for the Toothpaste Tournament winners. “Pink Snow” is tentatively set to release in December 2012 as part of the Winter Wonders anthology through Compass Press – there will be some snow, some magic, and a LOT of flirting in this story. Haha. So cast your votes either based on their names, their pictures, their connection to you, or just because they so bravely let me post these pics of them! You must fill out a voting document embedded at the bottom of this post in order to cast your vote – if the form does not show up, you can send a request to for it to be emailed to you!

After you vote, make sure you’ve preordered Watercrossing – releasing next week – May 22, 2012!!

Now let’s start with the girls!















ANDRIAH (on the right)

Now let’s hear it for the boys!



BOOKS (Yes, that’s his real name!)



Those are my totally awesome, minty FRESH contestants!! Now it’s time for YOU to decide who will be forever immortalized in my next story. I don’t think we can go wrong here. Haha. And don’t forget to order your copy of Watercrossing TODAY so you can read the story that inspired this wacky toothpaste phenomenon!

Vote until Sunday, May 20 using the form below. Winners announced on Watercrossing Release Day -May 22, 2012!

The Toothpaste Tournament – How To Get A Character Named After YOU! Winners, Winter Wonders, & Watercrossing!!
The Toothpaste Tournament – How To Get A Character Named After YOU!
Winners, Winter Wonders, & Watercrossing!!

Comments to “Vote For Your Favorite Toothpaste Tournament Contestant!”

  1. Hey Mrs. Dallas,
    High school is so much more… Different?? Then middle school. I’ve officially gotten through my first semester and now getting to start my second on Monday.
    I miss being in your class and getting to hang out with you and just talk. I hope you come back to Springtown soon and visit there’s so much to tell you. I guess I could start with Springtown high school making it to state marching contest and placed 8th in the state out of over 800 bands the volleyball team made it to playoffs as well. Mrs.Torrez is not almost 3 or 4 months pregnant she doesn’t know what she’s having yet.
    I heard you’re going to be at YAK fest again this year and that your author career is doing well congrats on that!!! Im glad to hear that you’re doing well.
    Well I hope you e-mail me back @
    Thanks always Mrs.Dallas
    Love Breanna Speulda your 8th grade Adv. English student.

  2. I wish I could vote for them all! They all did fantastic.

  3. Good luck to all the contestants!!

    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

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