Confession: When I get excited about something, my toes dance. Literally. Like, even without the rest of my body. Picture disco ball, flashing lights, club music, and my toes grinding the beats on the dance floor…or, um, in my shoes. It’s a phenomenon that has earned me weird looks from friends and family for years.

Today marks ONE WEEK until the national release of Windchaser and Windfall! To celebrate even more, I got my first official review of Windchaser, courtesy of Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

AND I LIKE HOW IT FEELS! (See video below for my reaction.)

WARNING: People with Feet Phobias should NOT watch. And maybe you Feet Fetish people should look away too. Those are some HAWT toes… 🙂

(Special Thanks to DJ Sammi for the strobe lighting.)
Read Windchaser’s first review NOW and join the PAR-TAYYY!!