Winners, Winter Wonders, & Watercrossing!!

YAY! We finally have our winners for the Toothpaste Tournament – which means I now have my character names for my short story tentatively titled “Pink Snow.” You will definitely want to see how these names work within the framework of a story when the Winter Wonders Anthology releases through Compass Press in December 2012! (Check out that list of contributing authors – I can guarantee that this will be a FUN anthology of stories!)

The girl who brought in the most individual votes and who will now become my main narrating character in “Pink Snow” is…


 Not only does Sophia have a really beautiful name, but she also happens to be one of my students! I’m excited to see what hidden Sophia-isms I can write into this story. Haha.

And the boy who had the most individual votes and who will now become my leading guy in “Pink Snow” is…


 I love this, too, because Books is also one of my students and he does have a cool name – especially for a potentially magical and quirky male character! The only weirdness will be reminding myself that I am only using names – NOT writing a story about the Sophia and Books that I know!! LOL. This will get interesting…

Congratulations to Sophia and Books – email me what you want. A book or a t-shirt!

Now for my surprise news… there was such a CLOSE gap between the 1st and 2nd places in this tournament that I decided to go ahead and take the names of the 2nd place girl and 2nd place guy and work them into the story somehow!!

So you can plan to see these two names for peripheral characters in the story!!



Kerra and Connor are both really cool kids (and I hear Kerra is graduating this year? Congrats, girl!)!Your names will work perfectly in my story!

Thank you to all of you who voted in the tournament! And a very special thank you to the brave ones who took pictures of themselves in toothpaste – you are forever the most awesome kids I know!!

Now let me remind you that it was a scene in Watercrossing that inspired this toothpaste mania. And let me also remind you that TODAY is Watercrossing’s official national release!! Yay – happy book birthday to this special “baby” in my life! I’m very proud of Watercrossing and hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. You can wish this book a happy birthday today by posting a status, a tweet, or a picture online of it! Let’s flood the internet with Watercrossing!

Now available!
To read what early reviewers are saying about Watercrossing, click below!

Vote For Your Favorite Toothpaste Tournament Contestant! Stick to the Point (of View, that is)
Vote For Your Favorite Toothpaste Tournament Contestant!
Stick to the Point (of View, that is)

Comments to “Winners, Winter Wonders, & Watercrossing!!”

  1. Will there be an opportunity to purchase signed copies like with the other two?

  2. Big time congrats to Sophia and Books, way to go!!! Enjoy your prize, it was well deserved 🙂 Mega congrats also to Kerra and Connor for the second place titles, VERY cool!

    Also want to say GREAT JOB to ALL the candidates/students who creatively wore that toothpaste and posted pics of themselves for this contest, your participation was wonderfully done and we salute you as well!

    Love, Love, LOVE the cover reveal for Winter Wonders….STUNNING job!! Go Pink Snow!!

    Happy Book Birthday to Watercrossing and a WAY TO GO Krissi on release day being official….love that your books are doing so well and I pray they continue to sell like crazy, woo hoo!!!
    I have yet to begin this series, but I will definitely be getting my own copies soon and looking forward to these adventures 🙂

    Blessings and again congrats to you all!

    • Thank you for all the support and love, Kara!! I'm so glad to have “met” you online. Haha.

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